Lawyer Monthly - Women In Law Awards 2023

11 USA Given your expertise in probate matters, was there a specific incident or motivation that drew you to specialize in this area? My journey in the legal world has been this beautifully organic process, a chain reaction of relationships and experiences that have seamlessly led me from one chapter to the next. It’s like connecting dots on a canvas, each one giving life and direction to the next. You see, I started by diving headfirst into what intrigued me most, and with each step, I discovered what truly resonated with me within the realm of worker’s compensation. As I delved into the intricacies of worker’s compensation, I found myself gravitating towards certain aspects while realizing that some parts just didn’t quite align with my passion. It’s funny how sometimes what we don’t enjoy can be just as informative as what we do. This realization led me to take on those challenging files – the ones that seemed like puzzles waiting to be solved. I took it upon myself to untangle the complexities and find resolutions. And in those moments of deciphering, I found a unique satisfaction that only comes when you’re diving deep into the heart of an issue. One thing led to another, and that journey propelled me to send out those letters to fellow attorneys in my vicinity and beyond. It was a leap of faith, a way to offer my expertise in client location and probate services. And you know what? It worked. Those letters opened doors, and the work started flowing in. It was like a ripple effect, where the value I brought to the table caught the attention of my peers, and they saw me as an asset, someone they could rely on. The beauty of these relationships is that they’re a two-way street. The attorneys I worked with began to share my name with others who were dealing with similar piles of challenging cases. It was like the legal community was passing around this beacon of support, connecting dots just as I had been doing all along. Before I knew it, I had more clients than I could count, and my journey took yet another turn. In those initial years, my car became something of a second office. I’d spend hours on the road, but it wasn’t wasted time. It was my opportunity to reach out and personally connect with each client. A phone call isn’t just a formality – it’s a chance to understand their needs, their concerns, and their stories. And as my workload grew, I realized I couldn’t do it all alone.

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