Lawyer Monthly - Women In Law Awards 2023

14 Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year How did your experiences running your own firm prepare you for your role as the managing partner at Kurgis & Associates? You know, law school taught me a lot, but one of the most important lessons it handed me was the reminder to always stay true to who I am. Even as I’ve transitioned into a partnership, my firm is an extension of me. My values, my work ethic – they’re the beating heart of what we do. It’s like a constant thread that runs through every interaction, every case we handle. It’s been quite the journey – moving from servicing a few hundred clients a year to handling three to four times that. But here’s the magic – despite the growth, despite the scale, my clients still get the same level of care. It’s like I’ve managed to hold on to that personal touch even as the numbers expand. They’ve got my cell phone number, just like before. And they still get to meet and speak with me on a regular basis. It’s not about losing that connection as things get bigger; it’s about finding ways to maintain it. The core of my practice is rooted in that genuine connection, and no matter how much we grow, it’s something I’m not willing to compromise on. So, as I navigate this partnership and continue to build my practice, I carry with me the reminder to be true to myself. It’s what sets us apart, what keeps our clients coming back, and what makes this journey more than just a legal endeavor – it’s a personal commitment to each and every person we serve. How have you seen the role and influence of women in law evolve since you began your career in 2007? Looking back to when I began my career in 2007, I must admit that I haven’t witnessed significant shifts in the role and influence of women in the field of law. While my personal experiences might not fully encapsulate the broader landscape, it seems that the progress has been somewhat limited in this regard. Nonetheless, I remain hopeful that the coming years will bring about more transformative changes, enabling women to play increasingly dynamic and impactful roles within the legal profession.

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