Lawyer Monthly - Women In Law Awards 2023

17 Carmen, you founded Kiavila Avocats in 2020 as a multidisciplinary law firm. Can you please provide an overview of your firm’s legal services and the sectors it specialises in? I started working as a freelance legal adviser in Geneva in 2019 and began building my client base in 2019. A combination of fortunate circumstances led me to open my law firm in 2020, sooner than expected. In 2019, I was only working with companies and in 2020, I added individual clients. Our practice consists mainly of tax law for individuals, companies, and business law in a Franco-Swiss context. In fact, although our offices are in Bern, we work throughout Switzerland, France and the African continent, especially in the Ivory Coast and Senegal. Intellectual property is becoming a cornerstone for many businesses. How does corporate law intersect with IP rights, and what should companies know and do to protect their assets? It is crucial to systematically question the resilience of what a company wants to protect - some elements are not protectable, or others can be protected in a roundabout way, like a recipe with patents - this is how we approach cases - in a systematic and in-depth way. Carmen Kiavila Kramgasse 57, 3011 Bern Email: Equity Partner Kiavila Avocats Switzerland Tax Law Firm & Civil Law Lawyer of the Year In today’s legal landscape, the need for multidisciplinary expertise and cross-border capabilities has never been more crucial. Carmen Kiavila, founder of Kiavila Avocats, embodies these necessities with her distinct blend of legal, financial, and consultative skills. Established in 2020, Kiavila Avocats specializes in tax law and business law within a Franco-Swiss context, serving both individual and corporate clients across Switzerland, France, and the African continent. With an educational background that transcends the traditional boundaries of law, and professional experience that includes auditing and financial consultancy, Carmen brings a holistic approach to legal services. Her journey is a testament to the evolving role of lawyers as strategic advisors in today’s interconnected and complex world. Join us as we explore Carmen’s unique career path, the challenges and triumphs she’s encountered, and her forward-looking plans for Kiavila Avocats.

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