Lawyer Monthly - Women In Law Awards 2023

49 Italy During that time she also obtained the PhD title in Private disciplines, supervised by Prof Fabrizio Piraino, focusing on the compensatory agreement and other forms of atypical guarantees. In April 2018 she passed the Italian Notary competition and she started her apprenticeship at Notary Fernando De Paola’s office in Rome, Aventino neighborhood. There she was able to follow and assist the Notary De Paola with his stipulation and, if necessary, replacing him, so this was her real first experience as a Notary. She was a first-appointed Notary in Castiglione della Pescaia (GR) in Tuscany, starting in July 2019. Since October 2020 she is Notary in Rome. Federica Spinaci’s Notary firm deals with different sectors and activities: commercial and private trades, bank loan, exchanges, donations, inheritance divisions and declarations, wills, asset separation, deeds with Cultural Heritage preemption, trusts, destination restrictions, extraordinary operations such as mergers, acquisitions, transformations, splits, share transfers, dissolutions and liquidations, company rental or sales, foundations or associations’ establishment, real estate auctions. Also the commitment to tax matters is important: the firm always try to have the solution that is legally flawless but, at the same time, also fiscally convenient. Finally, the studio has got also an international breath: proceedings are carried out in English and French. However the Notary Federica Spinaci’s interest in the university has never subsided: she continues to collaborate with sector magazines, commentaries with multi-authored works, and to give her support with some lessons at the School of Specialization of Legal Professions and some Master’s courses at Roma Tre University. Prof Ettore Battelli – Professor of Private Law Institutions, Department of Law at the Roma Tre University, says about her: “In several occasions I have had the opportunity to appreciate her analytical in-depth skills, her teaching and scientific commitment, and above all her clarity during presentations as well as her willingness to study and discuss. Her attitude for listening to students and colleagues, together with her excellent preparation, make her an established professional particularly skilled in identifying quick solutions even in complex matters, with availability and honesty”.

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