Lawyer Monthly - Women In Law Awards 2023

Women Law AWARDS 2 0 2 3 Welcome to the 2023 Women in Law Awards, presented by Lawyer Monthly. As we turn the pages of this year’s publication, we celebrate the exceptional achievements and dedication of female legal professionals who have not only excelled in their respective fields but also paved the way for the next generation of women in law. Gracing our main cover is Melissa Hornik of Kurgis & Associates from the USA, whose remarkable legal acumen and client advocacy have set the bar for excellence in the legal community. Alongside her, our cover listing highlights Jennifer Donovan of the J. Donovan Law Group, also from the USA, a testament to her unwavering commitment to justice and her significant contributions to the legal field. This year’s roll call of honour includes an impressive array of talent, starting with Carmen Kiavila of Kiavila Avocats, who brings a touch of Swiss legal prowess to our lineup. From Canada, Jessica Kearsey represents Deloitte Legal, showcasing the dynamic intersection of legal expertise and business acumen. In the USA, Kristy Serviss from KPMG exemplifies the impact of strong dispute guidance in the corporate world, while Sylvia Grace Acosta from Trujillo Acosta stands out for her innovative approach to legal strategy and client representation. Crossing the Atlantic to the UK, Aleksandra Kowalik of Kowalik Adwokacka Law Firm demonstrates the global reach and influence of women in law, bringing her exceptional knowledge and dedication to our distinguished list of honourees. These women, among others featured in our awards, embody the spirit of innovation, leadership, and excellence that the Women in Law Awards aim to recognize. Each has made a significant impact not only in their areas of practice but in the communities they serve, inspiring future generations of young women to pursue the path of law with passion and purpose. Join us in honouring their achievements and in celebrating the strides being made for women in the legal profession. Let’s delve into their stories, their challenges, their victories, and the lessons they impart to all aspiring legal minds.

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