Lawyer Monthly - Women In Law Awards 2023

About Rosa I started the law firm because I quit my position at a large firm where they refused to pay me at the same level as an on-par male lawyer associate. While their actions remained unfair, I was advantaged. I would have never known I could have a successful private practice law firm. If you believe you can do something or make a difference, act on it. Do not wait for others to create the circumstances for you to step up - it is unlikely that they will. If we wait for others to give us what we think we want or deserve, they will have power over us. It is part of the journey to fall and fail. Do not let that deter you. You can always get up again. I come from a country, South Africa, where the absence of the rule of law has resulted in the electricity infrastructure declining to the extent of no economic growth. Poor people are hungrier and poorer. People who are supposed to create jobs cannot. When energy is constrained, GDP growth pulls back in turn. We need business sense, the rule of law, and diverse solutions to develop, distribute, and use energy resources responsibly and in a way that provides safe, reliable and affordable energy to create prosperity for society through educational institutions, infrastructure and health care. Energy development and usage will be pivotal in where societies go next. While diversity in law firms is essential, and there has been progress, we are missing out on voices that can make significant contributions. I hope such voices join the journey to contribute solutions that, all things equal, provide advancement for all. Areas of expertise Rosa Twyman specializes in Regulatory law, particularly in energy and utility-regulated matters. Rosa Twyman represents clients in Canada’s electricity, oil and gas, pipelines and water sectors before the Alberta Utilities Commission, the Court of Appeal of Alberta, the Court of King’s Bench of Alberta, and the Supreme Court of Canada. Rosa Twyman Canada Regulatory Law Lawyer of the Year #601, 888 4th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 0V2 Tel: 403.930.7991 | Email: Founder Regulatory Law Chambers 67

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