Lawyer Monthly - Women In Law Awards 2023

9 Melissa, first of all, congratulations on winning the Lawyer Monthly Women in Law award. Can you briefly describe your initial journey into the field of law? Thank you, I am honored to receive this recognition. The journey that led me to the world of law was a mix of personal experiences and a strong drive to stand up for what’s right. Back in law school, I got really interested in labor and employment law because of a personal event that hit close to home – the passing of my father due to a workplace injury during my last year in school. It made me realize just how much the law affects people’s lives, and I wanted to make a positive impact. When I started working in the field, I found myself drawn to worker’s compensation cases. The fast pace and higher volume suited me perfectly. I have a thing for meeting new people and being there for them, especially when they feel like no one else is listening. One time, at a firm I was working for, I came across a bunch of cases that were kind of left in the corner, gathering dust. Some had probate issues or we just couldn’t find the clients. So, I struck a deal to take on these cases and give them the attention they deserved. I rolled up my sleeves and went above and beyond to get these cases back on track. It was pretty wild – I’d even visit clients in prison, if that’s where they were, just to make sure their voices were heard. And for the clients we couldn’t find, I’d dig up old connections, like neighbors and family, to track them down. Some cases turned out to be inactive because, sadly, the clients had passed away. But that didn’t stop me. I was determined to bring closure to their stories. Melissa Hornik 100 S 4th Street, Suite 340, Columbus, OH 43215 Tel: 614-464-1610 | Mob: 614/325-5945 | Email: @shesthepeopleslawyer @shesthepeopleslaw @ShesThePeoplesLawyer @KurgisLaw Managing Partner Kurgis & Associates USA Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year In today’s conversation, we sit down with Melissa Hornik, an attorney whose genuine commitment to her clients and the legal profession shines through in her work. With years of experience under her belt, Melissa offers a grounded perspective on the realities of practicing law. As we chat, we’ll get a closer look into her day-to-day, the challenges she faces, and the simple joys that keep her motivated in her field.

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