Lawyer Monthly Women In Law Awards 2022

10 I had established an immense level of contacts within the banking, finance and law sectors and had the ability to access a global array of industry experts, which made me think “Now is the time”. As the global pandemic hit, I did not give up; if anything it made me more resilient and determined to make a success of it. Timing is everything and the post-pandemic period is proving to be a very good time to be running a boutique business, free from the chains and ceilings of corporate life. The corporate landscape has changed in so many ways and I am extremely lucky to be creating a career by my own design without having to conform to the corporate working environment. FIT Legal Solutions was born out of years of experience and my desire to provide bespoke derivatives documentation and business consulting solutions to market participants globally. With over a decade of hands-on experience working in the legal, banking and finance industry, I was able to secure my first client almost immediately after leaving my corporate job. With FIT Legal Solutions proving highly successful over its first three years, Derivatives Lab (DLAB) was launched. One of the first of its kind, Derivatives Lab is an online educational resource created for all those currently working in or interested in the derivatives industry and keen to gain unique knowledge about the legal banking and finance field. It offers access to a wealth of know-how, tips and hacks for negotiating derivatives documentation and step-by-step, real and tested strategies to excel in your career in this industry. As part of the DLAB venture, I am also coaching and mentoring a number of young aspiring derivatives lawyers and graduates as my way of giving back for all the amazing support I gained throughout my career to date. United Kingdom “Startingout in commercial litigation atFootAnsteywas a fantastic stepping stone into the corporateworld.”

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