Lawyer Monthly - Women In Law Awards 2022

THE JOURNEY From being born and raised in Wroclaw, Poland, to heading-up global legal derivatives teams first for Credit Suisse and then for Man Group, the world’s largest listed hedge fund, Edyta has come a long way. She was almost six when communism fell in Poland. She remembers her world becoming more colourful, uniquely exciting and filled with possibilities in the early 90s. She also remembers how the reality she was born into defined her, no matter how much she fought it, and how she had to learn to embrace it. She recalls the ever-so-apparent lack and how she became obsessed with the limitless potential of the outside world. Leaving Poland to explore the world and pursue international opportunities became her goal at a very young age. Watching her parents working hard 7 days a week to secure a better future for the family has shaped her character immensely and helped develop a work ethic that has served her ever since. As a child, Edyta quickly realised that learning languages was the best time investment she could make, and that working hard and excelling at school were her best bets to make her dreams of studying abroad happen. Edyta was the first generation in her family to go to university, her grandfather was illiterate and both sets of grandparents have lived through the hardship of war and poverty. “I grew up watching women around me - my mum, older sister and my grandmothers taking on the world. Although this was very empowering, I felt that there was a predetermined role women ought to play in the society in Poland at the time - homemakers, wives and mothers rather than businesswomen or lawyers. I was reluctant to conform to these stereotypical, society-imposed gender norms.” When in high school, Edyta got accepted to an Ivy League university in the USA, unfortunately her family was unable to fund her education. She did not give up on her dreams though. Before Poland joined the European Union, Edyta won an international scholarship in the United Kingdom at the University of Plymouth, then being a “sister city” and partner university of the University of Wroclaw where she was studying. She successfully completed her Batchelors degree in International Relations and commenced her legal studies in the same year. Edyta is a rare example of funding herself throughout the university and earning a degree debt free. She has been awarded with scholarships throughout her studies and worked three different jobs to be able to pay for books, additional modules and living expenses. She remembers this time being tough, but extremely important and character building. During her Graduate Diploma in Law studies, Edyta secured a sponsorship with a local law firm called Foot Anstey, who agreed to Banking and Finance Lawyer of the Year 8

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