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Since 2009, Lawyer Monthly has been a guiding beacon for legal professionals globally, from prestigious law firms to solo practitioners. Our mission is to empower women in law, nurturing their growth, success, and positive impact in our communities through the Lawyer Monthly Women in Law Awards.

Our dedicated team, brimming with passion and expertise in the legal realm, is committed to shaping the future. We provide insightful narratives, breaking news, detailed reports, and comprehensive legal analyses, striving to make a meaningful difference.

With a reach spanning 146 countries across 6 continents, we engage with a significant portion of the world’s legal firms, showcasing the achievements of women in the legal sector.


Lawyer Monthly makes a profound impact, reaching over 1M+ people globally with real-time legal insights. Our offerings encompass features, reports, news, interviews, awards, and recognitions, available across multiple platforms. We collaborate with a diverse range of legal entities, from market leaders to governments and non-profits, leading the charge in the legal industry.


At Lawyer Monthly, our mission is to make a lasting impact. We focus on promoting equity, sustainability, and purpose in everything we do. Our aim is to drive transformative changes in legal practices and culture, providing knowledge, connections, and inspiration.

We aspire to be the leading source of legal insight, empowering global legal leaders and entrepreneurs. Our commitment to diversity, equality, and sustainability is at the core of our operations.


Lawyer Monthly is a global brand, built on the dedication of our predecessors and current team members. We champion equal rights, inclusivity, and the well-being of our people and collaborators. Respect, fairness, and kindness are the pillars of our workplace culture.


Since 2009, Universal Media has led the way in creating leading online legal publications. Corporate governance, focused on transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct, is essential to our operations, building trust with our clients, partners, stakeholders, and investors.


At Lawyer Monthly, we prioritize our clients, aiming for their success alongside ours. We strive to be recognized for our significant impact on our clients and the legal industry.


Now in its 8th year, the Lawyer Monthly Women in Law Awards celebrates excellence in legal leadership among women, recognizing their achievements and contributions to the legal field. The awards include a rigorous evaluation of business performance, operational excellence, strategy, and human resource processes.

Previous winners include top legal firms and influential women in law, recognized for their exceptional contributions. Previous winners; MANNHEIMER SWARTLING, Walder Wyss, Homburger, Foot Anstey, CMS UK, Norton Rose Fullbright, Deloitte Legal, Baker Mckenzie, White & Case and many more.

Lawyer Monthly Women In Law Awards 2023 were delighted and privileged to collaborate with and showcase an exclusive interview with the esteemed Melissa Hornik – Managing Partner at Kurgis & Associates. Melissa has not only been a vital resource for personal injury attorneys navigating probate matters but also a trailblazer for women in the legal industry, shining brightly as the proud recipient of a Lawyer Monthly Women in Law award. Melissa graced the front-page cover of the 2023 edition and participated in a comprehensive 4-page interview exclusive to the invite-only Lawyer Monthly Women In Law Awards – winners edition for 2023.


– Nov 2023 – Applications Open

– Dec 2023 – Applications Close

– Jan 2024 – Shortlist Announced

– Jan  2024 – Winners Notified

– May 2024 – Winners Announced


To be eligible for the 2024 Lawyer Monthly Women in Law Awards, firms and individuals must demonstrate legal expertise, innovation, and have been operational for at least two years.


Winning offers a benchmark of legal excellence, enhanced brand recognition, increased visibility, and valuable networking opportunities.


Who is eligible to apply?

Eligible candidates include legal firms, individuals, private and public entities within the legal sector. For further details, please reach out to the Awards Manager and Global Coordinator.

Is there a fee for application?

No, there is no application fee required.

How is eligibility determined?

Eligibility is assessed through direct applications and comprehensive research conducted by Universal Media / Lawyer Monthly utilizing various public and private databases.

What occurs upon winning?

Winners will receive an initial notification via email, followed by a phone call. They will be invited to feature in the exclusive Lawyer Monthly Women in Law Awards – Winners’ edition for 2024.

What is the Lawyer Monthly Women in Law – Winners’ edition for 2024?

This is a unique publication, available in print and digital formats, showcasing the profiles of the winners and their firms. Winners have the option to submit a biography, individual or firm profile, or engage in an editorial Q&A interview.

Can winners include personal photos in the Awards edition?

Yes, winners can include photos in their profiles, be it a biography or a Q&A interview.

Is it possible to feature on the front cover of the awards edition?

The front cover is reserved for one person or firm. Interested parties should express their interest to the awards team.

Will winners receive a physical award?

Yes, winners will be awarded a trophy and a certificate, with details provided subsequently.

Who will view the Lawyer Monthly Women in Law Edition – Winners’ edition for 2024?

The edition will reach an audience of over 1M+ globally, being available in print, digitally, and promoted on various major social media platforms.

Can non-lawyers be nominated or nominate themselves?

Yes, the awards recognize a broad spectrum of legal leadership, including lawyers, legal executives, entrepreneurs, and other influential individuals in the legal field.

Winning a Lawyer Monthly Women in Law Award not only confers immediate recognition but also offers enduring benefits, as attested by our past winners and their sustained professional growth.

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