Lawyer Monthly Women In Law Awards 2022

11 What would you regard as the greatest of your career achievements to date, and why? Without a doubt, setting up FIT Legal Solutions. I am immensely proud of where I am today, having set up on my own following the turmoil of a global pandemic and riding the current economic crisis. With market participants keen to take advantage of the recent volatility in the markets, FIT Legal Solutions’ unique delivery is well positioned for clients to be able to deploy capital faster for their relevant strategies, thus starting to make returns for their investors before their peers have even begun negotiations. This was my biggest goal in setting up FIT Legal Solutions and it has proved that taking that leap of faith and leaving the big corporates can certainly pay off. However, I could not have done it without my time spent in the corporate world and gaining invaluable experience and confidence of working from a very different perspective. I am committed to paving the way for others who are looking to build careers in this industry by sharing my unique insight and knowledge acquired through years of working in the financial services industry. In addition to sharing free valuable content online, Derivatives Lab will soon be launching its first online course – the ISDA Lab, a step-by-step practical guide to understanding and negotiating ISDA Master Agreements. It is early days (but exciting times) for Derivates Lab. A pilot course was carried out with select audiences earlier in the year, which was very well received and has allowed us to fine-tune our online course ahead of its launch in the very near future. In what ways has your perspective changed since ‘going solo’? In a world where big corporations are front of mind, bespoke specialist businesses can provide the personal service that is imperative when establishing client relations, a unique and attractive service I am very proud to offer. I believe FIT Legal Solutions can achieve quicker time to market for clients by delivering more structured and tailored solutions to trading documentation negotiations. A personalised approach allows the buy side to launch their products more seamlessly and the sell side to better understand, often delicate intricacies of the buy side processes. Going solo is the biggest possible confidence booster as you only have yourself to rely on. It has taught me that anything is possible if you are passionate about it. You have to be extremely resilient and disciplined, two attributes that I have had to build up throughout my whole life. Banking and Finance Lawyer of the Year “In aworldwhere big corporations are front ofmind, bespoke specialist businesses can provide the personal service that is imperativewhen establishing client relations”

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