Lawyer Monthly Women In Law Awards 2022

We are at the intersection of a changing workforce, a changing workplace, and a changing world. What would be your most crucial piece of advice for those looking to follow in your footsteps and use their voices in this way? Get really clear on your values and the causes that move your soul. What is the fire in your belly? Then get clear on the message that you want to share. Imagine you were told that you have one hour left to live. What is the message that you cannot die without sharing? That message is powerful and it matters. Your story matters. Your voice matters. Remember that somebody in the world is waiting for you to show up as you, to speak your truth, and to share your story. Your voice and your story can save someone’s life. Not only do you have an opportunity to make a difference, you have the privilege of being alive and therefore have a responsibility and an obligation to get out there and make a difference. You cannot wait for someone else to speak up. Use your voice; share your story; show up in the world as you. And remember that no matter what, you were made to change the world. And you can—so do it.

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