Lawyer Monthly - Women In Law Awards 2024

22 Lawyer Monthly Women in Law Awards 2024 Could you describe a particularly memorable case or project that highlighted the impact of your work on an individual’s life or a community? A quick and easy answer would be to say that we literally rejoice in each and every approval we receive as again, you know so many details of your client’s lives that it feels personal. However, I was recently able to quickly help someone in critical need. A woman who was visiting the U.S. with her husband for three months when immediately before they were to depart he had a major stroke. The laws are such that there was literally no way for her to remain in the U.S. while has in the hospital. Thus, she would without our assistance have had to return to her home country and seek to then reenter. Unfortunately, there was no way to guarantee that she would be permitted to do so. I was able to work with local U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and they provided a special accommodation and also agreed to provide further assistance if additional time was needed. Not only was this a win for my client but I felt that it was a win for one of my career accomplishments, working not only with clients but with the government. The legal field, particularly specialties like immigration law, can be emotionally taxing and often involves high-states situations. How do you manage the stress and emotional aspects of your work while maintaining a high level of professional effectiveness? Good question and I am not sure I do it as successfully as I would like. As I stated earlier, I have danced for more than half of my life and it was ultimately led to decision to enter this field of law. Physical movement is an outlet for me, and I make sure to include it in my schedule almost every day. I am fortunate in that I live in Vermont and New Hampshire have easy and immediate access to the great outdoors. If I cannot attend a dance class I will make time for a walk along the rivers near my homes. For a bit of time during each day, I look at what’s around me and take in only the beauty and serenity of my surroundings. It recharges and grounds me. It allows me to approach upcoming difficulties with a bit of calm. In addition, every morning I take a few minutes to read “The Daily Stoic” and I try to apply its principles to what I do. It helps, a lot. Given Vermont’s close proximity to Canada, could you share insights into common reasons and processes involved for Canadians seeking immigration assistance through your firm, and how does this impact your approach to their cases? Canadian immigration issues are interesting in that certain of our laws can be unintendedly harsh for those who live nearby. For example, two individuals who live literally 25 miles apart but who are divided by a border may develop a relationship that turns into marriage. They developed their relationship by visiting with each other. Once engaged and/ or married, however, their ability to visit each other may be curtailed while they wait for the process (which is often at least two years) that will allow them finally to join their partner. I am fortunate in that for almost thirty years I’ve been able to liaise successfully with our local ports of entry. My knowledge and access to procedures and trends allow me to prepare and assist clients in managing a seemingly interminable or nonsensical process, especially when the laws are not clear and enforcement can seem arbitrary. As Corporate Immigration Lawyer of the Year

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