Lawyer Monthly Women In Law Awards 2022

United Kingdom “Sometimes it is the compound effect of many small, positive changes that disrupts the status quo.” Could you describe your vision for Law365? Sometimes it is the compound effect of many small, positive changes that disrupts the status quo. Law 365 is not your typical law firm – in actual fact, though we are lawyers, we know the legal industry can be old-fashioned, expensive and laden with legal jargon. It needs a shake-up. So we set ourselves a challenge to be better than the rest, in small but significant ways. How? • We support technology businesses with outsourced legal support on a “Legal-as-a-Service” subscription basis. This makes legal costs predictable, which is especially useful for young businesses that need to be able to forecast cash flow. We charge clients for outcomes of deals instead of billing by the minute. It completely transforms the way businesses interact with lawyers. Paying a fixed price every month for a certain number of outcomes allows our clients to predict their legal spend and builds a long-lasting relationship based on trust. • We have developed a clever AI tool. LawyerBot 365, that can read your NDA contracts and give you instant advice without breaking the bank. • We offer HAPPY 365, that combines the best of employment services, executive coaching and people development to help you grow a happy workplace. It’s a virtuous circle – happy people make happy clients, and happy clients make your business more successful and profitable. Now that’s something to smile about! We are also a multi-award-winning company. We have been recognised as gamechangers in this industry as well as leaders in wellbeing practices and the legal experience we provide. One in 100 VAT registered companies in the UK is a Microsoft Partner – typically small IT companies that grow rapidly and create millions of jobs in the UK. Only 10% use a lawyer regularly, citing expense and ‘slowing down sales processes’ with too much legalese. Law 365 is the only law firm in the world to specialise in providing legal services to this portion of technology sector – just Microsoft Partners. It is a huge market and affects every business in the world (they all need these partners to implement the Microsoft products, migrate data to the cloud and support IT) so the work we do is vital for the UK economy. What services is Legal 365 offering to shake up the sector? Legal-as-a-Service – Outsource your legal work (for a flat fee) In the first stage of our evolution, we made legal services affordable for small businesses by offering ‘Legal-asa-Service’ (LaaS). Our subscription service allows our Microsoft Partner clients to pay an affordable monthly fee that covers all their legal requirements – typically for their two most important issues: sales contracts and HR issues. Business owners love having predictable legal costs so they can forecast for the year, and we give them time to focus on what they do best, growing their business. That is a that’s a breath of fresh air for this old-fashioned industry. LawyerBot 365™ – AI for NDAs Second, we have created our LawyerBot 365™, using machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide 27

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