Lawyer Monthly Women In Law Awards 2022

Commercial Lawyer and IT Lawyer of the Year “To service technology clients, itmade sense to heavily invest inAI tools to offer fast and cost efficient accessible legal advice, especially for start-ups. employees. Our next team outing is a forest bathing activity to celebrate being voted a “Great Place to Work” for the second year in a row. We rank in the top ten in the country because we got a score of 100%. We close the office twice a year for mental health awareness and do a team building activity. There are of course socials every month too! How has Law 365 grown since its founding in 2014? We grew from 4 people in Jan 2020 to now an amazing 27 + team. We also grew from 4 subscription clients in 2020 a fast and affordable alternative to humans. To service technology clients, it made sense to heavily invest in AI tools to offer fast and cost-efficient, accessible legal advice. LawyerBot 365™ has been a great success in this regard and is going to be developed to help support larger contracts in the future. LawyerBot 365’s benefits include: • Speed – the contract is returned fully marked up within minutes. • Simplicity – email the contract and there is no need to talk to a lawyer. • 24-hour support – LawyerBot 365™ never sleeps, so business owners can get help at any hour of the night, or the weekend. • Affordability – the solution is provided for one tenth of the price for a normal lawyer. • Accessibility – the comments are very helpful and designed so that the business owner could edit the contract directly or forward it back to the other side for review and amendment. • Accurate – Lawyerbot365™ checks other details, e.g. is the registered company number and address correct? • Secure – LawyerBot 365™ is bound by the same confidentiality requirements as a human lawyer Over time, Lawyerbot365™’s AI will improve and will be tuned to work with many other contract types. But it is our human lawyers who make the AI what it is and support Microsoft Partners with excellent client care. We have a consistent Net Promoter Score of 90/100, so we know the clients absolutely love us. HAPPY 365 We realise that the best policies in the world will not help you if you have systemic problems in your workforce, so we have brought a product to market called HAPPY 365, which couples the best of performance coaching with cutting-edge policies (think unlimited holiday, menopause, LGBTQ+) so that our clients can attract and retain the best people. What would you say sets Law 365 apart from its competitors? With meditation, yoga, volunteering, flexible working and one-to-one performance coaching as well as team coaching, Law 365 raises the bar for how to treat 28

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