Lawyer Monthly Women In Law Awards 2022

About Amélie “I am a self-made child of an immigrant, and I created my notarial office following the debut of the ‘Macron Law’, which allowed qualified notaries a greater chance of establishing new offices. As there were too many requests, holders of notary diplomas were drawn at random – I was extremely lucky, and still feel blessed. Since then, we have been working to ensure that the notary profession is modernised and becomes accessible to as many people as possible. The French notariat is gradually becoming more female, which is great! In the Isère company, women hold a 53% majority thanks to the Macron Law; it is mainly women who have applied for its new offices. This is quite incredible, as the notary profession is historically masculine. I am the pure prototype of this new law, which aimed to create more notaries for the purpose of boosting the economy by collecting taxes that we notaries make. In France, we notaries may act as tax collectors and in return the state gives us the authenticity of the deeds by our seal. We are in the unique position of representing the state while belonging to a private company. I also work with my husband, who is not a notary but a real estate negotiator. Notaries have the right to negotiate the sale or renting of real estate, which led to us creating our own real estate negotiation service. The clients are happy because everything is grouped within the office and our service is better than the agencies. We focus on efficiency, legal precision and the property; nothing escapes us, and typical real estate agencies cannot be as sharp as us. 42 France Family LawNotary of the Year OFFICE NOTARIAL URSO-MEHIDEB 106 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 38320 EYBENS Tél : 04 58 27 00 20 | Fax : 04 58 27 00 24 Notary PublicOffice of URSO-MEHIDEB Our office is quite unusual – it breaks the cliché of the male notary married to his secretary. Our team is young and completely devoted to our company culture. We have two employees: my administrative and legal assistant, who is a former real estate agent and a beginner in the notariat whom I train every day, and a law apprentice notary – my redactor of acts – who I also train. We dedicate ourselves wholly to our client with a focus on empathy and efficiency that allows us to stand out. That hopefully provides a clearer picture of our team. As far as my skills go, I learned a good deal from other professions before becoming a notary: I was a clerk of justice, a real estate agent, a judicial agent to protected persons, a banker and more besides. Today, I am extremely versatile. I specialise in family law because it is my favourite field, but I also work in real estate law, business law and tax law.” Amélie URSOMEHIDEB

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