Lawyer Monthly Women In Law Awards 2024

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Since 2009, Lawyer Monthly has been at the forefront of providing insightful legal content to a distinguished readership of business leaders, C-Level executives, and legal professionals. Each year, we dedicate a special issue to the diligent women in the legal sector, highlighting their contributions and successes.
The recent years have been transformative, shedding light on issues of equality, sexual harassment, and the Gender Pay Gap. These revelations have significantly influenced the legal industry’s progress and response to societal changes and demands. Despite the legal profession’s traditional male dominance, Lawyer Monthly is committed to discovering and showcasing the exceptional female talent within the field. We aim to acknowledge the challenges these women have surmounted to excel in their roles and leave a lasting impact on the legal sector.

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Founding President at Gevorkyan Law Firm, A.P.L.C.

Top Female Personal Injury Attorney – Jasmine Gevorkyan

Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year - USA

“I am dedicated and will continue to dedicate myself to the advancement of women’s leadership in the legal profession, advocating for gender equality, and promoting opportunities for female attorneys and women in the legal field to thrive.” View Profile 2025 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
Founder and Partner at J. Donovan Law Group

Litigation, Mediation & Collaborative Divorce in Canada – Jennifer L. Donovan

Family Law Litigation Lawyer of the Year - Canada

“Don’t settle for anything less than being authentically happy. I am beyond happy with being a lawyer and don’t feel like I work at all.” View Profile 2025 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
Founder at Holman Immigration Law

Immigration and Nationality Law – Vermont Law Firm, Holman Immigration

Corporate Immigration Lawyer of the Year - USA

“There are so many life lessons to be learned in this field such as the importance of diversity, human rights, politics, and cultural uniqueness.” View Profile 2025 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
Founder at MTC Consulting

Evolution of Human Rights – Ellie Shefi

Discrimination and Human Rights Lawyer of the Year - USA

"My big vision is to be a catalyst for change—one who lifts others up and emboldens them to fly." View Profile 2025 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
Practice Manager at IPOS Mediation

Joanne Claypole

Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year - United Kingdom

"Stay committed to your goals, remain flexible in your approach, and embrace opportunities for growth and learning as you navigate your career in commercial mediation." View Profile 2025 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
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