Previous Winners

DR. Claire Kirman

Ellis Gould
New Zealand

Cathy Hasbrouck

Southwire Company, LLC

Saba Jamal Hasan

Jai Stern LLP

Silke Kurz

Steuerberater- und Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Kurz

Tina L. Lewert, Esq

Lewert Law LLC

Lawyer Monthly Women In Law Awards 2019

Voting Now Open

Since 2009, Lawyer Monthly has delivered legal insight for a select corporate readership made up of business leaders, C-Level executives corporate and legal professionals. By only showcasing the most refined lawyers and legal professionals, each year the Lawyer Monthly team dedicate an issue to the hardworking women in the legal sector.

With the previous year presenting an awakening for many regarding equality, stories regarding sexual harassment and the Gender Pay Gap, surfaced the prevalence of inequality in the 21st century. And the legal sector is no exception; with the profession traditionally being male-dominated, Lawyer Monthly aims to recognise the struggles our female lawyers overcome, in order to be the best for their clients.

Lawyer Monthly has now opened the nomination and voting platform for their annual Women in Law Awards for 2019. To submit your nomination please click below.


To Submit your Nomination/s Please Click Here  
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