2021 Winners
Banking & Finance - UK

Edyta Knizewska - 2021 Winner

Founder of FIT Legal Solutions

"I felt that there was a predetermined role women ought to play in the society in Poland at the time - homemakers, wives and mothers rather than businesswomen or lawyers. I was reluctant to conform to these stereotypical, society-imposed gender norms." View in Edition
2021 Winners
Legal Coaching - Germany

Dr Geertje Tutschka - 2021 Winner

Tutschka Law Firm, CLP – Consulting for Legal Professionals

"I hope my path will encourage other female lawyers to consistently pursue their own life plans and not to be pigeonholed by others" View in Edition
2021 Winners
Patents - UK

Juliet Redhouse - 2021 Winner

Mathys & Squire LLP

"Mathys & Squire attorneys recognise that understanding the value of an invention or brand is as important as understanding the technology and marketing behind it." View in Edition
2021 Winners
Business Litigation - USA

Katharine Tremblay Beck - 2021 Winner

Tremblay Beck Law, APC

“While the majority of my practice focuses on litigation and trial work, I also enjoys working with clients outside the courtroom, providing counsel and advising them as they navigate critical employment and business decisions.” View in Edition

Women In Law Awards 2022

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Lawyer Monthly Women In Law Awards 2022

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Voting is now closed for the Women In Law Awards 2022.

Since 2009, Lawyer Monthly has delivered legal insight for a select corporate readership made up of business leaders, C-Level executives corporate and legal professionals. By only showcasing the most refined lawyers and legal professionals, each year the Lawyer Monthly team dedicate an issue to the hardworking women in the legal sector.

With the past few years presenting an awakening for many regarding equality, sexual harassment and the Gender Pay Gap, the prevalence of inequality in the 21st century has shaped how the legal industry approaches their progression in light of societal demands and needs. As the profession has traditionally been male-dominated, the team at Lawyer Monthly aim to unveil the hidden female talent and recognise the struggles they have overcome in order to be the best for their clients, whilst marking their footprint in the legal sector.

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